Best Calculation for the Proper Energy Now for the House

Calculating with the energy label house you know how economical everything is and what can be saved with insulation, heating and more. An energy label house is mandatory for a home purchase.

Calculate energy label house

An energy home computing is a lot of work if you have not already done before. Fortunately, you can do this quickly and well. View the quotation for the Title 24 Calculations.

Energy label house

An energy label shows how economical a home is and what can be improved. The label is mandatory to hand over when selling and when renting a copy is sufficient. It shows the energy efficiency of the insulation of roof, walls, floor and windows to the energy efficiency of heating installations. This is quite important information because an energy-efficient house ensures lower energy bills and more living comfort.

Mandatory or not

The label is now no longer obligatory but obligatory in all cases. From 1 January 2008, the label was required for a few years for homeowners who are going to sell or rent their house. After that it was temporarily no longer compulsory and since 2015 it is mandatory again.

Provisional energy label

Homeowners were sent the provisional energy label at home. This is based on the known data, such as type of house, residential area and year of construction. On the basis of a few questions it is then possible to definitively determine the energy label. Because, in the case of sale or rental, this provisional label, must have been converted into a definitive energy label.

Definitive energy label

When selling, a good score of this definitive energy label helps to receive a better (read higher) price and a green energy label (A, B or C) can also accelerate the sale of the house. For buyers, a bad energy label is just an opportunity to negotiate as a lot can or still needs to be rebuilt.


If you are going to renovate, it is smart to take the energy label into account. You probably find it important that your house is energy-efficient and you want to keep the monthly costs as low as possible. Then it is good that you pay attention to the energy costs and you can do that very well if you are going to renovate. As a buyer and tenant you are entitled to an energy label so here you have to pay attention or to ask when you are going to buy or rent another house. An energy label can then be set up so that you can view the current situation.

Energy label classes

The energy label for houses has a number of classes, the best is A ++ and it goes down to class G with the colors dark green to red. Energy label A ++ (dark green) is very economical; energy label G (red) is very inefficient. You can quickly see the colors and classes, just as with white goods, how energy efficient a house is and that compared to similar houses.


See an example of a report of Title 24 Calculations or view for the energy utility. As you might know the energy label of your house plays a role in the mortgage and loan. Because houses that are not or hardly isolated will consequently receive a low energy label. And so the lowest energy label G (red) is very inefficient and therefore poorly insulated.

What is an energy label?

The energy label is a valuation of a house and more than a loose piece of paper. It is a complete report of several pages that an advisor makes for the house. It contains the properties of the house and the advice to make the house more energy-efficient. And of course which energy label the house has received.