Pomeranians Vs. West Highland White Terriers

The saying that big things come in small packages is so true when it comes to Pomeranians. They weight at most seven pounds, but have a bark that can be heard loud and clear. They make a good alarm for when intruders are coming, but should not be expected to actually protect because they are so small.
Despite their small size, Pomeranians are confident and attention commanding. They love to bark and will bark for as long as they can if they are not trained properly. Pomeranians are usually more vociferous when they are with other dogs or when meeting someone new.

Pomeranians can be loving and great to play with. They need a lot of attention or else they will get bored and become destructive. They are not good around small children because they can be hurt easily by children’s carelessness and also because the dogs may become temperamental. Pomeranians can also be gentle at times and desire a lot of affection.

Also adorable in appearance is the West Highland White Terrier, which is a good dog to look into. They are commonly known as a “Westie”. Westies are playful and intelligent. They are great for people with energy and a nice fenced-in backyard. You can also use wireless dog fences which are much cheaper than an actual fence. You also have a wide range if you decide with an in ground or wireless pet fence.

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West Highland White Terriers have gorgeous white coats that can get dirty very easily. Some coats also have a yellowish tint to them. They are prone to dry skin and skin allergies. They need to be brushed often. The coat also needs to be stripped by a professional groomer twice a year to maintain a healthier coat.

Westies can be easily excitable and high-strung like the Dachshund. They need about an hour’s worth of exercise a day to keep from boredom. If they do become bored, they will retreat to bad behavior to entertain themselves.

West Highland White Terriers are pretty good with people. They will play with just about anybody, but do not prefer to cuddle. They are not usually good with young children because they do not have patience. They love older children though. Matching a young westie and a ten year old can be the perfect match because they are both high-strung and need to play.

Overall, West Highland White Terriers should not be bought on looks alone. They look adorable and desirable to cuddling. However, they need high energy people who have the time to care and entertain them.

As far as car goes, Pomeranians have a beautiful coat that tends to knot easily. Frequent brushing is a must. Pomeranians are also highly susceptible to tooth loss and decay. Therefore, special dental care should be applied to Pomeranians, including special food and teeth brushing.

If you are looking for a cute, energetic dog, then Pomeranians may be right for you. They are the type of dog that will cuddle one minute and jump off the couch to play the next. Training is a must to keep both Pomeranian and owner happy.